Life Alive had a handful of high-class problems. Demand exceeded the human capital, supply chain and physical plant. Ron and Keith were able to help us celebrate the powerful differentiation of Life Alive’s product and environment while providing resources to bolster the talent and capabilities of the leadership team. The experience Life Alive provides, and the mission that fuels it, became richer and vividly activated while the distractions and friction dissipated.
Leah J. Dubois
Life Alive - Vice President & Culinary Director
I started Tatte in my home kitchen, selling my creations at the farmers market. But I dreamt about building and growing a community around food. With 5 locations and big dreams, I joined the Act III family in hopes of making those dreams come true, and never looked back. I appreciate this unique and incredible opportunity to partner with someone who experienced a similar journey—from one store to an empire. The folks at Act III have a deep understanding of what it really takes—wisdom, long-term thinking, endless resources, sage advice. The level of thoughtfulness and support is part of the wonderful journey of Tatte and Act III.
Tzurit Or
Tatte - Founder and Chief Creative & Concept Officer
I spent a year in conversations with potential sources of funding, from banks to landlords to sketchy angel investors. When I finally met the Act III team the fit was obvious—they treat me like a friend and a true partner. Ron Shaich and Keith Pascal are invaluable partners, not just for the significant financial resources they bring to the table, but for their active involvement in our development process—bringing their networks, their resources and most importantly their wisdom to the project. The Act III team is generous with time, always taking the call, meeting in person every month, as we define and build this concept together. I can’t imagine a better partner for my growing business.
Matt Duplessie
Level99 - President & CEO
Cava was able to acquire Zoes due to struggles in the short term that resulted in decisions that would not benefit them in the long term. Free of pressure from public markets, we now needed to think about operations and the customer experience not in terms of the next quarter P&L, but with a view toward building the business for the next ten years, not the next ten months. Act III helps us avoid potholes, learn through experience and focus on how we go forward. Act III is our expert at the table.
Brett Schulman
Cava - CEO

Our MIssion

We offer sustainable growth opportunities to consumer-facing enterprises that have the potential to dominate their niche.

We invest only where we can offer competitive advantage beyond capital.

We allow management teams to focus on building differentiated and better competitive alternatives, avoiding the need to spend time on financing.